Custom Farming

Custom farming is a smart way to invest in crop production without the high overhead costs that typically come with it. Whether you’re retired, fully employed off the farm or investing in agribusiness, Morgan Creek Farms can help manage or supplement your crop production needs.


Many investors hire us to handle the entire production cycle, from planting preparation to harvest. We work closely with our customers on management decisions to optimize your profits while practicing deep respect for the land. We’ll design a solution according to your goals.

We also offer individual services to supplement your farming operation, including custom spraying, harvesting, planting and haying.

Business Relationships

We have the ability to make volume purchases to help reduce your input costs. Our strong relationships with bankers also enable us to provide financing options. These business relationships, with our commitment to education and technology, make custom farming a logical solution for many investors.

Our customers often remark that it just makes sense to hire these services to keep production at profitable levels in today’s market. You can count on us to customize a solution for your unique needs and goals.

Equipment and Practices

Our investment in the most modern equipment and technologies enables us to raise more productive crops and increase customer profits. Our specialization in no-till farming practices to reduce input costs, make fewer trips across the field, conserve soil moisture and improve soil health.