Custom Feeding

We take pride in practicing care and respect for cattle and the land while providing cost-effective solutions for our customers. We’re constantly evaluating new technologies and training on the latest practices to ensure we’re optimizing your animals’ health and productivity.

Whether you’re a potential or current customer, we welcome you to visit us to inspect and evaluate our farm and processes.


Morgan Creek Farms has invested in technologies usually not utilized by operations our size. These systems help us accurately track performance and cost.

Our animal health system calculates individual doses by weight, ensuring every animal receives the optimal dose and saving you money. You can be assured you’re paying only for feed and medications that are actually used.

Our commitment to accurate record-keeping provides valuable data to guide management decisions. We provide customer access via our website to monitor your investment with reports on animal performance, feed intake, health, morbidity, costs and much more.

Facilities and Feeding

Our facilities are designed with an emphasis on proper animal handling and nutrition in a low-stress environment. Our BQA-certified team inspects animals in pens daily by horseback and has years of experience with cattle from all parts of the country, including high-risk animals.

From the starting phase to finishing phase, we will design a strategy to meet animal needs and customer performance goals.

We maintain large, high-quality feed supplies with very few purchased products. We grow the majority of our feedstuffs here on our farm, including grain, hay and silage. We’ve invested in modern, well-maintained equipment and skilled employees, providing proper feed mixing and accurate delivery. Depending on the season and nutrition needs, we feed cattle in our confined pens or on pastures. We manage run-off from our cattle pens using a EPA-approved filter strip system.

Health Program

Working closely with our veterinarian, nutritionist and our customers, we customize our health protocol to the expected risk of each group of cattle. This investment in a highly skilled team ensures accurate and cost-effective cattle care decisions.

We keep these team members close. Our veterinarian is less than 10 miles away, which offers quick turnaround from their PI BVD test lab. Our nutritionist visits regularly to monitor animals and make recommendations for optimal performance.

At first processing, we frequently take diagnostic swab samples to identify any potential health challenges and target specific organisms with our treatment protocols. We work closely with you to monitor the health of your herd and take actions to ensure animal wellness.

Business Relationships

Our close relationships with bankers allow us to offer financing options. With our years of experience, we’ve developed relationships with buyers for calves, feeder cattle and finished cattle, which allows us to assist our customers with any marketing or purchasing needs.

Let us customize a feeding solution to meet your needs.